Clan x86 Rules:

King/Queen Figurehead

  • Initially, Newby is the King of x86.
  • The king is a figurehead; he has no real power to make decisions.
  • The king is in charge of doing stuff that ordinary leaders can't, for example, passwords, server maintenance, collecting votes.
  • If for any reason the King can no longer fulfill his duty, his successor will be appointed and become the new King with all the power and responsibilities.
  • If the King will be unavailable for any period of time, he can appoint a representative to take over his position in the meantime. The representative will have the same power and duties as the king, and must step down when the King returns.
  • If the King is unable to fulfil his duty, and cannot appoint a successor (dead or imprisoned or otherwise), a vote will be held for all members. If the vote is a tie, and one of the potential leaders has had previous leading experience, he will be in charge. Otherwise, the potential leaders will flip a coin, best 2 out of 3.
  • The King cannot vote in elections.
  • The King may vote, as a normal member would, on new recruits.
  • If a unanimous vote is made between members to impeach the King, a new King will be voted on and the current king must step down to be a normal member or, by his own choice, leave the clan completely.


  • Unless otherwise stated by the specific rule, the following rules comprise a single "vote".
  • All leaders and active members get a single vote each.
  • The votes are submitted to the King, who keeps them confidential.
  • Votes last for 2 weeks, during which the members are responsible for talking to the king.
  • Voting is never required.
  • Results are shown only AFTER the vote has completed, and results are to ONLY include the number of votes for each choice, and there should be no way to associate a vote with a specific person or group.
  • If a vote is ever a tie, the King will make the deciding vote(s). The tie and the King's decision will be indicated in the results.
  • Votes are counted out of the total number of votes not including people who don't vote. So if there is a decision among 15 members with 6 yes/3 no, the decision will favour yes.
  • When an acceptance vote (ie, a yes/no to a change) is necessary, a percentage must be specified in the rule indicating the necessary ratio. For example, removing a leader requires a 60% decision and a new member joining requires 75%.


  • There are initially 3 leaders. If the clan has 40 - 69 members, there will be 5 leaders. If the clan has 70 or more members, there will be 7 leaders.
  • If an election is held, and not enough to run the clan run (less than 3, initially), they will all be made leaders for the time being immediately. When more people are interested in running, the King should call an election and the proper number of leaders can be voted on.
  • Each member gets the number of votes equal to the number of possible leaders, so if 3 leaders are being elected, each member gets 3 votes. These votes must be for different people. Normal voting rules apply otherwise.
  • Any member may be a leader, if elected.
  • To be elected, a member must express interest in being a potential leader. If somebody doesn't wish to be leader, they can't be voted for.
  • Elections are held every 4 months.
  • The King may "call" an election at any time.
  • First election will be short, 2 days. Afterwards, it is a standard 2-week vote.
  • Members don't have to use all their votes.
  • Members may not vote for themselves.
  • The King may not be a leader.
  • If a leader is being disruptive to the clan, a vote may be held to remove them from leadership, per the standard voting rules with a 75% approval required. If the vote passes, they will become an ordinary member.
  • A leader may voluntarely step down and become a member at any time.
  • If for any reason there is the incorrect number of leaders:
    • if there are too few leaders, either because of one stepping down, leaving, members joining, etc., a normal election will be held to fill the vacancies.
    • if there are too many leaders, a normal election will be held and new leaders will be voted on.


  • All members are considered equal. There is no concept of "seniority" or "novices".
  • Members may be in clans besides this one.
  • Members may be Active or Inactive.
  • Members are expected to be in the channel occasionally, and to participate on forums occasionally.
  • If a member is inactive either intentionally (doesn't vote or spend time with the clan) or unintentionally (away from the Internet for an extended period), they will be placed on the inactive list and will not participate in votes until they return to activeness.
  • A member may request to be moved to the active or inactive list at any time.
  • If a member is inactive for an extended period of time, a leader may move them to the inactive list.
  • If any member is being disruptive to the clan, a vote will be held whether or not to remove them from the clan, per the standard voting rules with a 60% approval rating.
  • A member may leave the clan at any time.
  • A vote may be held (with 75% majority) to kick a member out of the clan.


  • Official channel is "op x86" on
  • Member accounts will be safelisted.
  • To have bot priviledges, members must wear clan tags, [x86], after their name.
  • Members may not ban or kick other members for any reason.
  • Members are asked to respect guests, particularely if they are friends of a member. However, in the end, clanmates are given priority over guests in the channel.
  • If any member is, in the opinion of a leader, abusing the bot, he will be warned to stop it. If he continues, the leader may remove his access temporarely or permenantly (at the leader's discression).


  • Before a vote is made, a member must get approval of at least 75% of leaders, rounded off. As usual, the King will be notified when approval is recieved and will take care of moving the procedure on when appropriate leader approval is reached.
  • Leaders may take as long as they feel is necessary to approve members.
  • After the leader approval is gained, a vote is held whether or not to accept the member, per the standard voting rules with an acceptance of 75% required.

Forum / Website

  • The website will be made by and for members. Leaders will decide who gets to work on the site, and how it should look.
  • Members are strongly encouraged to participate on the forum, but it's not a requirement.
  • Members may request that boards be added to the forum, and will be added at the discression of the leaders.
  • Members may request to moderate certain boards, and will be given moderator status at discression of the leaders.
  • Moderation status may be removed at the discression of the leaders.
  • There is a private section of the forum that only members have access to. Please keep any discussions there private.
  • There is a private section of the forum that only leaders have access to. Keep in mind that, because leaders change and the forum remains, anybody can potentially have access to it eventually.


  • If there are any disputes on interpretation of any of these rules, the originally intention will be decided by the King and any ambiguity will be cleaned up.
  • If a change to any rule is required, the new rule will be proposed and a vote will be held that requires 75% member approval.
  • If a rule should be added or removed, a leader may propose a vote to do so. A standard vote will be held, requiring 75% member approval. This rule can't be removed for any reason, because that would be too ironic and the universe might end.

Ammendment 1 - Clan Dispute Act

  • All Clan Disputes in the Channel are to be done via whispers, we don't need our Clan's problems being public news.
  • All Clan Disputes in the Forums are to be kept to Member Forums where leaders can deal with them.
  • All Clan Disputes over IRC or any other Chatting Programs are to be kept via PMs
  • If you break one of the above rules in addition to breaking a channel rule (ie kicking/banning members) a more severe punishment will be given.